From a small estate come big wines.

From our 8 hectare estate in New Zealand’s Waipara Valley, we produce some of NZ’s finest Syrah and Pinot Gris, as well as the perennial customer favourite, our Rosé. Our commitment to meticulous viticulture and traditional winemaking techniques shines through in every glass, so that you can be assured that each bottle of Georges Road Wines you experience is sure to delight.

Welcome to Georges Road Wines.

This month in the Cellar…

Reds are going through a natural malolactic ferment, softening acidity and rounding texture as they mature. We are also beginning to trial blends for our 2018 white wine bottling, Gris and Riesling.

The cellar door is now open!

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Out in the Vineyard…

A great start to the season, warm weather, no frost and good growth in all varieties. And this month we are also planting more vines, some Pinot Noir and a little Gewürztraminer (with a splash of muscat thrown in).

Winemaker’s Selections for December

RIESLING Block Three 2017

A mineral driven aromatic wine with a naturally lower level of alcohol and a dryish level of sweetness perfectly balanced with vibrant natural acidity. In line with our natural winemaking philosophy this wine has not been fined or cold stabilised. Learn More 

SYRAH Block One 2017

Classic cool climate Syrah. Wonderfully weighted elegant wine with fresh cherry and licorice notes combined with subtle oak, hints of spicy fine grained tannin, a velvet mouthfeel and lengthy finish. Learn More

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